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Thug!Levi x Reader - Afraid - [AU]

Warning: Brief sexual harassment 


The city you lived it wasn't exactly a gated community like you'd hoped. Yes, your home was nice, but the area all around was nothing short of terrifying. Not that you couldn't hold your own if needed, but gunshots in the night didn't exactly rock you to sleep. Unfortunately, it was worse for you because you were smack dab in the middle of gang rivaled areas. Two gangs, The Scouts and The MP were always trying to kill each other, taking any means necessary to bring the other gang down. Most days this didn't matter on your drive to work, but when your car decided to crap out one night, that meant you had to walk to and from the grocery store you needed to desperately visit.

    Groceries in hand, you walked down the dimly lot street, cell phone in hand as you texted your friend about your shitty car problem. If your stupid boss would have just given you that raise, you could have gotten a new car this year. But nope, he had to give it to that one bitch in your office with big boobs, and this had to happen. All the bad luck always seemed to come your way. The rotten luck didn't ended for the night though. Your body started to stiffen though as your realized the three large male bodies behind you. 

You turned around quickly, noticing the three sleazy looking men with eyes a bit off. You figured they were drunk, and decided to start walking faster. You didn't want trouble, not on a night like this.

    "Where you going pretty lady?" one of the hacked, grabbing your wrist in the process.

    "E-Excuse me, I just wanna go home."

    "Aw come on doll, wouldn't you rather come play with us?" another one of the men cooed, a hand pressing up against your inner thigh.

    "Hey! Get the hell off me!" you screamed while trying to pull away.

    "Baby, I thought you loved me!" 

    "I'd never look twice as some asshat like you! I said get the fuck off me!!" 

You spat in one of the guys faces, anger boiling in his expression.

    "You stupid bitch! You thought that was funny? Well I'm gonna-"

    "You're gonna stop fucking around is what you're gonna do. Really? You're going around harassing girls now? I knew you three were pieces of shit. Back away or I'll blow your fucking brains out with the mess splattered all over the ground. You know I never miss a shot either"

The three men backed away from you with their hands up slowly, terror in their face.

    "W-We're sorry man."

    "Are you gonna-"

    "Cleaning duty of the hide out for a month. Now leave my sight."

    "Y-Yes sir!" they all spoke in unison, running away into the dakrness as quickly as possible.

    The figure simply chuckled, and walked forward slightly into the light. The spotty light fixture revealed a rough looking man, a black under cut and sharp gray eyes adding to his thug appearance. Despite his comical short stature, he was rather easy on the eyes, something unlikely for someone of his kind.

    "Sorry about that, they can't fucking handle themselves while intoxicated. What's a girl like you doing out this late? Although I will admit, you have more balls than anyone else those idiots have encountered."

    "...I do? I wasn't just going to let them molest me! ...And where do you think I've been," you spoke, gesturing to the grocery bags on your arm.

    "Oh, tch. Well unfortunately those idiots belong to me, so I'll walk you home to make sure no one else takes advantage you."

The man held your bags for you and offered you his arm, a rather kind gesture he hadn't ever done to anyone else. Since you were a girl, a cute and badass girl at that, he was willing to attempt to charm you. You accepted his offer with a smile, beginning to walk with him through the sketchy neighborhood.

    "Um, I was wondering, what's your name?"

    "It's Levi. You?"

    "I'm (first). ...So, when you said those guys were 'yours,' what did you mean?"

    "I'm their gang leader, I run and operate The Scouts. It's some pretty rough and crazy shit."

    Your body lost all feeling, head to toe. The imagines in front of you only processed a blurry white, face heated slightly. You were waking with one of the most violent men in the country, yet somehow you felt safer than ever. Could you honestly trust someone like him? You weren't fully sure, but your heart whispered to you to take a chance. And what a beautiful chance it'd end up being.

    You and Levi saw each other from time to time after that night, and one day after he looked particularly hungry, you invited him inside for dinner. This litter 'dinner' ended up in a steamy make out session all over the living room floor, indirectly making you both get together. Levi secretly enjoyed it, although he vocally expressed disgust at being on the floor. It was hard being his girlfriend at times, the constant worry of death looming over you like a storm cloud. He would try to assure you he'd always be fine, but you still found the thought lingering in your head. Being his girlfriend did have some good perks though; the main one being respect. No one ever messed with you after they became aware you were his, and something he dearly valued. Restaurants made you free food, stores gave you free clothes, and ass kissing came with each person you interacted with. No one wanted to mess with Levi, so no one wanted to mess with you. Well, besides those jerks in The MP. And for that very reason, Levi worried a lot about you as well. 

    It was one thing for him, a gangster, to put himself in dangerous situations. But you? The thought sickened him. He'd often wake up from vivid nightmares involving you; it mattered not if you were getting raped or being murdered, these visions made Levi sick to his stomach, sometimes literally. You were a priority to him, even if that meant giving up his own selfish needs. He loved taking you on dates, talking over tea, and cuddling in warm sheets at night, but was all of that really worth the worry of finding you dead one day? Levi decided he needed to have the talk with you, as much as it would break your beautiful heart. 

    "Oi, (first)."

    "Hm? What is it?"

    "...There's something I need to talk to you about."

    "Well...what is it? You're not on the run from the cops or something are you?"

    "No dummy, those asshole pigs haven't caught on to me yet, I doubt they will anytime soon. What I wanted to tell that I'm afraid to be with you now. I think it's time end things between us. It's not that I don't have feelings for you, but of I were to lose you for being a reckless bastard...I'd never forgive myself."

    For the first time since you'd met him, you were afraid. You were afraid of living a life separate from him, you were helplessly attached to him and the happiness he brought to your life. This made you tremble with anxiety, not knowing how to deal with the weight he'd suddenly slammed on your shoulders.

    "You think I didn't know that the first time I kissed you Levi? The first time we shared a night in bed together? I know exactly what I'm getting into, but you just can't play with someone emotions like that!"

    "(First), things aren't that always that fucking black and white. There's a lot of-"

    "What's there to elaborate on? I'm old enough to make my own damn decisions and I'm choosing to be with you!"

    "What ever you say isn't going to be enough to change my fucking mind (first)! Nothing you say is enough to protect you!"

    "I love you Levi! Why isn't that enough?!" 

    Silent tears poured down your face, Levi not saying a word. He had never heard someone say those words, those beautiful three words. No one in his life had ever expressed love towards him. He came into this world alone, and he was sure he was going to die alone. But you? You you actually loved him?

    "...What did you say brat?"

    "I said I fucking love you you asshole!!"


    Burly arms found their way around your frame, pressing you up against your body. You weren't sure what he meant by all of this. Was this a goodbye hug? Was he second guessing his brash decision? Either way, you hugged him back, tears still falling from your face.

    "...I love you too."

    "Does this mean then, that you're not gonna leave me? I've gotten so use to spending time with you, cleaning the house and cooking together. I-I wouldn't know what to with myself if-"

    "Hush you damn blabber mouth." he interjected, interrupting your sobbing.

    "...I'm not going to give up on the one person that's ever loved me. Don't worry your pretty little head. I....ugh."

He was very annoyed an embarrassed by the words he was about to speak, but for you, they needed to be said.

    "I'm sorry I scared you like that. It won't happen again. ...Goddammit, you worry about me dying and shit, but here you are making me go all soft."


You nuzzled his chest softly, melting into his embrace.

    "You've always been soft, you're just better at hiding it than most."

    "Shut the hell up shithead. ...Let's take a nap, all this emotional bullshit is making me tiered."



As you feel asleep in his warm hold, you never felt more secure. Even if he had some powerful enemies, the worry was now lifted from your mind, knowing the love you shared was even more powerful. And once again, you weren't afraid.
Awww! Just something I kinda threw together.
Shout out to my bitch boo who also doubles as an idea machine, :iconkissmeyoufoolfanfict::heart: But seriously she's been giving me so many awesome ideas lately I just love her!!!

I do not own Snk
I do not own the image
I do not own Levi
Levi owns you! Levidoingthething

Image source: ((somewhere on pinterest. All rights go to the original artist))
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