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August 23
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Punk!Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader [AU]


After being struck with a cold, you, obviously, weren't feeling your best. Your head was pounding, your throat hurt, your nose was stuffed, and you had no energy whatsoever. Levi, being the subtle gentleman that he is, had a good remedy for this though. With the help of his three children, he prepared you a lovely little breakfast, one he would end up serving you in bed. You had woken up alone that morning, wondering where your punk of a husband might be. But all your questions got answered when you saw all your favorite breakfast items along with a cute little bouquet of flowers the kids had picked from out in the yard. Justis and Hope presented you this royal treatment known as breakfast in bed, a four month year old Justin in Levi's arms.

    " this for me?"

    "No, it's for the queen of England. Of course it's for you, you germ ridden dipshit!"

    "We helped make it Mommy!" Hope spoke with a giggle.

 The girl was two now, accompanying a four year old Justis. Even with all of the things you had to cram in a day being a working mother of three, the time just seemed to fly by.  

You smiled with a sniffle, drinking a bit of the liquid in front of you.

    "I told you, it's just allergies, but it always makes me feel awful. It's not contagious."

    "Tch. There are still germs when you sneeze dumbass. Here, this should help your throat."

    He handed you one thing you hated more than your worse enemy, cough syrup. If your kids not been right there, you would have protested and thrown the bottle at his head. But you didn't want to teach your kids to do that, so you decided to bite the bullet and drink some really quick.

    "Ugggh," you groaned, munching on some food to help wash the taste away.

    "Hey...can I take the kids out today? You need to get some sleep. You look like shit."

You got your husband an annoyed look, but did you really expect him to give you some kind comment? This is Levi we're talking about. 

    "Thanks honey, quite the charmer as always. And...I can take care of them if I need to it's no big-"

    "(First), you were up with Justin for half the night while still sick. You need your damn rest. I'm gonna go take them to the park today."

    Daddy," a soft feminine voice spoke.

Levi looked to who spoke such gentle words, none other than your sweet little Hope (who was actually quite aggressive when she wanted to be). 

    "What is it baby girl?"

    "Can we go to work today?"

    "To my job? Er...I don't think that's a good idea."

    "Please Daddy? I wanna see you poke people with the needles!" an enthusiastic Justis added.

    "...I don't know, I'd have to keep a close eye on Justin."

    "I'll watch him!! I take care of him with Mommy all the time!" 

The man let out a sigh, once again knowing he's end up complying with his kid's wishes.

    "Fine...but if he starts crying you can be damn sure I'm going to step in."

    "You're a big boy helping Daddy out, aren't you Justis?" you added in your strained voice.

The raven haired boy nodded rapidly, a smile like Levi's whenever he rarely shows it. 

    "Alright, you three little monsters get your asses in my car."

    "Yes sir!" was sang by two children, and Justin simply cooed. Levi was going to be in for a long day.


    The though of Levi the scary punk pushing a stroller with three kids in tow amused you, there was no doubt. You honestly wished with every fiber that you could see the sight yourself, but you were fast asleep by now, probably dreaming about Levi, or pizza. When Levi pulled into the the park with his children, he noticed a flock of young mothers sitting and watching their children, stroller by most of their sides as well. Shit, he was the only dad here. Not that he was one for conversation anyways, but Levi was never good with awkward situations. And being a tatted up man in the midst of these moms was defiantly awkward. 

While lighting the cigarette between his teeth, he began to speak to his kids.

    Go play, if you need anything I'll be right here, Daddy's gonna be watching you the whole time. If someone picks on you come tell me and I'll beat their asses down."

    While the older two ran off to play on the the playground, Levi inhaled the menthol smoke from the death stick while pushing the stroller next to him on the end of the "parent" bench. The other moms luckily ignored him for now, talking about those annoying things most people with kids talk about. The topics he heard in and out were things like the best diaper brands, which shows were bad for children, and which morning talk shows they enjoyed the most. Levi was proud neither you nor him slipped into such trivial things, still learning new things outside of the family life circle. Before long though, Levi heard a cry, one that was all too familiar to him. In desperation, Levi turned to the women, looking for any help possible.

    "My daughters crying, could one of you please watch him real quick?" He begged, gesturing to his son asleep in the stroller. 

    One of the ladies without a stroller agreed, and sat next to the boy to make sure he was fine. Once Justin was taking care of he ran over to where his other kids were, not even caring at the moment if his cigarette accidentally burned someone. The sight he saw made his blood boil, a stare Satan himself would fear covered his face. He saw two older boys, probably around 12 or so. Levi rushed to his little girl's side, Justis standing beside her fighting an inner dilemma.

    "Hope, Daddy's here, what happened?" he asked, crouching down to her level. 

She continued to cry, wiping her eyes.

    "Those boys pushed her off. I...I wanted to beat them up but-"

    "It's alright Justis, I need you to be a big boy right now and stay with your sister? You got that?"

Justis nodded placing his hands on top of Hope's shoulders.

    Levi turned back to the two boys sitting on the yellow play set by the slide, that death glare once again returning. When one of the boys noticed Levi, he stopped talking, causing both of them to look his way. Without warning, Levi picked both of them up by their shirt collars, and ruthlessly threw them to the rocky ground. Both of them started shake in fear, unsure of what Levi was going to do next. 

    "Doesn't feel so good being the one pushed around does it? Listen here you two pieces of shit, you see those kids over there? Those are my kids. And you pushed my daughter, my fucking daughter, off the slide. Is that correct?"

The stockier boy began to shudder, trying to find words to the scary man.

    "I-It was an accident I swear!!"

    "You listen and you listen good motherfuckers, if I ever find you so much as looking at my kids or the playground again, I'll rip your fucking testicles off with a rusty knife and shove them in your eye sockets. You fucking understand?!"

    The boys began to cry and run away, too terrified to even be in the park anymore. Levi knew his words were vulgar and harsh, but he would do anything to teach some jackass kids a lesson to not mess with his sons or baby girl. When he turned around to face his kids, he heard what he considered music to his ears, his children's laughter.

    "Daddy that was awesome!"

    "T-Thank you Daddy! I love you!" 

    "Your Daddy knows how to kick ass when he has to Justis...and you're welcome baby girl. I love you too. Those boys won't be bothering you again."

A few mothers rose from the bench and began to flock to Levi's side, including the one that was currently watching Justin. Levi thought they'd chew him out for speaking with swears and threats, but the response he got was the complete opposite.

    "Thank you so much for that, those boys keep on coming and pushing the kids around. Our husbands have tried to stop them before, but they kept coming back. Even if your tactics were...unconventional, it worked!"

    "I think they're finally gone for good now."

    "Anyways, we wanted to say thank you and give you back your son. He's so precious! What's his name?"

    "...Justin. His name is Justin. These are my older two, Justis and Hope."

    "Aww! Are you three just adorable! You should bring your kids to the park more often, especially since those two awful brats are gone."

    "Thanks...and they like it here. I think I might bring them back again when my wife's feeling better. I bet she'd like it here too."


    Levi pushed his little brigade into the impressive tattoo parlor, the kids gaping at the decorations and people currently being worked on. Justis was especially fond of all of this, and secretly hoped his old man would one give him his first tattoo. He found them to be quite interesting, liking the cool designs and figures his dad and others were covered with. Hope enjoyed it too, but mostly the cuter tattoos with lots of bustling colors. Levi sat down his kids in the waiting area, giving them the perfect view of where their father would be working. A strong looking brunette walked in, hair in a pony tail and a get up similar to Levi's.

    "Hey shorty! Ready for-"

She stopped mid sentence, looking at the kids who were flipping through magazines and playing on their dad's tablet in the parlor's waiting area.

    "Oh my goodness! Shorty, are these your kids now?! They're so cute!! And big! The compete opposite of you! Ya sure (first) wasn't cheating on ya~?" she proclaimed, going over and fawning over them.

The kids looked up from there activities, and Justin blankly stared at the strange women.

    "Justis, Hope, you've both grown so much! And little Justin! I don't think we've ever met before! I'm Aunt Hanji!"

    "Tch. Back off shitty glasses, you're gonna scare them with that disaster of a face you have. And I can assure you they're all mine."

    "Cursing in front of the children~? Tsk tsk. What brings them in today? Is (first) alright?"

    "She's got a cold and needed a day to sleep, so I brought them with me."

    "Awww! We'll go and do your shift, I wanna take off and watch them!!"





    "...I'm keeping an eye in you, four eyes. The diaper bag's next to the stroller if you need it."

Without responding, she plopped right next to the kids, showing them some of the cool designs she'd done on people in the past. Even if she wasn't the first babysitting choice, it was nice to have an adult amongst the children. 

    Levi started on a client before long, just some girl wanting a feather tattoo, a lot of them had been showing up lately. The memory of you coming in and getting your wings of freedom tattoo seemed like so fresh, yet it had been about 7 years ago now. If only he knew when you first walked in that you would be his future wife and the mother of his three wonderful children. The kids watched him intently, Hanji explaining what exactly he was doing.

    "Are those your kids?" The fresh eighteen-year-old inquired.

    "Yes. But that's not my wife. Please don't think that's my wife, she just an artist here watching them while I work."

    "They're- owch! They're very cute."

    "Don't worry, that was the last bit, you're done."

Levi handed the girl a mirror, looking at the vivid earth toned feather on the back of her neck.

    "Oh my god! This is so good!! How did you get it so detailed?"

    "Years of practice, and it's just my style. Looks good, I hope you like since it's stuck on you."

    "I love it! Thank you sir." She smiled, handing him the cash he earned from the job. 

    A few more customers came in and out, Levi continuing to ink art into the clients. As he noticed sleepy eyes fluttering though, he requested his current customer be the last one for the night. Extra cash might have been nice, but his kids needed sleep. He added the last few details to a long serpent tattoo, got paid, and called it a night.

    "Oi, say by to Hanji, we're going home."

    "Awww," Hope whined, yawning in the process.

    "We wanted to watch you more Daddy."

His eldest rubbed his eyes while speaking, indicating the pair was most defiantly tired. Justin was already in a deep slumber as well, only being four months and all he couldn't always stay up that long. 

    "Come on, tell Hanji thank you."

    "Thank you Aunt Hanji!" The two spoke in unison, picking up a bit of energy.

    "You're welcome kiddos! Come back and see me sometime ok? I'm sure you can convince your dad to being you here since you three had fun!"




    Driving home was odd, the artificial farting noises and Disney songs were replaced with silence. Little bodies were slumped over, moving only when car did. They were passed out, completely exhausted from the exciting day with their father. Levi felt uneasy by the sound of the stillness though, for those joyful giggles and little voices gave Levi life, no matter how many times Justis accidentally kicked the back of his chair. His family gave him happiness and love, and fulfillment, something he craved. Hearing his children silent right now would seem like a good thing, but saddened Levi. It saddened him, that such a wonderful day was finally come to a quick close.
I'm so tiered. I drove home for the weekend and I'm in need of a nap- enjoy this while I sleep! ^^

:star:Read more Punk!Daddy!Levi here:…

A special thanks to :iconevaavatarkorra: for making this awesome art!!!!!! Reblog it here: the-angels-have-the-box.tumblr…

I do not own Snk
:iconevaavatarkorra: owns the image
I do not own Levi
Levi owns you!Levidoingthething
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Levi, being a tattoo artist makes me wanna get a tattoo, too ;-; but my parents would be soo furious T-T
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