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Tea Talk

Levi x Reader [AU]

A/N: this is a continuation of the "Eight Miles High" and "A Night in Paris" story line.


The night had ended, but today was a new day. Memories were destined to be made today, and surprises were probably right around the corner. Levi knew how to start the day off right and decided to take you to one of the little French cafés Paris was famous for. As you walked into the quaint little café, the warm aroma of tea, coffee, and pastries took over your senses. Levi seemed to be in a pretty good mood too since there weren't many people here, hoping that you two would have some time to talk. He took his hand in yours and walked up to the cashier at the counter.

"Bonjour monsieur, que puis-je faire pour vous? (Good morning sir, what can I get for you?)" the young cashier spoke, a small blush on her face. Not that you really cared if she thought your fiancé was cute. Most girls, even if they were frightened by him, thought he was handsome. You rarely felt threatened by them though. After all, you were the one with the engagement ring on her finger.

"Bonjour. Puis-je obtenir une tasse de thé noir, _______, un bagel, et _______? (Good morning. Can I get a cup of black tea, (favorite beverage), a bagel, and (favorite dessert)?"

She quickly started to brew the drinks and slipped the yummy treats into a cute bag for you and Levi. Unconsciously, Levi had started to fidget with your fingers. He usually does this when he's getting antsy for some time together, or when he's just being impatient. Right now you honestly couldn't tell. His little quirky habits always put a smile on your face. You noticed Levi's fidgeting stop when you spotted your drinks being handed to you. The sight of your (favorite beverage) was enough to make you wanna drool. 

"Tout cela devrait être sept euros. (All that should be about seven Euros)"

Levi pulled out his wallet and paid for the two of you. You felt a little bad about making him do that, but you forgot your Euros back at the hotel. Levi was never one to make you pay though, he always acted like a gentlemen in that respect. But the gentlemen act would be broken the second he started talking to you about having to take a piss or something of the sorts. You didn't mind though, that was just the way Levi was. He was your silly, dorky fiancé and you fell in love with every part of him.

"Here, let's go sit over there in the corner, it looks warm and there's no one over there."

"Sounds good! Thanks for the food and drink Levi, it's always sweet of you to do that for me."

"I'm your fiancé, it'd be shitty of me to not pay. Plus it was only about ten US dollars, so it's no big deal."

"But still...sometimes I don't think I thank you enough for the little things you do. And they never go unnoticed."

His mouth moved slightly, possible into a microscopic smile, as held up the tea to his mouth. "Are you getting all soft on me (first)? Damn, if this is all it takes to get you all mushy for me, you're gonna be one happy wife." He took a break for his words, sipping the velvety tea. 

You blushed, a bit embarrassed at his actions. "H-hey! Thanking you is not 'soft.' I just simply wanted you to feel appreciated, that's all." You said defensively, taking a sip of your drink. You let out a happy sigh, basking in the greatness of the taste.

Levi chuckled slightly. "You're cute when you get defensive (first). Has anyone ever told you that?. And aren't you gonna eat your (favorite dessert)?" Levi took a small bite out of the plain bagel, it's always been a mystery to you why he always likes things black or plain flavored.

"I'm getting there, I'm just saving the best for last! Do you wanna try some Levi?" 

He looked at the dessert for a second. He wasn't too huge on sweets, but your invitation seemed too kind to pass down. When he saw that sparkle in your eyes, he knew he couldn't say no you. You were just too cute.

"Sure, just a bite though."

"Ok, but I get to feed it to you!"

"What?! I'm not a fucking toddler (first)."

"Oh come on!! Imagine it's our wedding cake~!"

Your sudden comment made him ponder for a second. That's right, it's traditional that the bride and the groom are suppose to feed each other cake at the wedding reception. Levi hatched an idea in that raven-headed mind of his. "Alright, you can feed me. But afterwords I get to feed you alright? Consider it practice for the big day."

You nodded, gently laughing at the image of Levi being fed by you. You tore off a piece of the dessert and moved it up to Levi's mouth.

"Say ahhhh~!" while he didn't make the requested noise, he did open his mouth and try the dessert. He moved his jaw, chewing it thoroughly as you watched, anxiously awaiting his response. He gave a nod of approval, and your face beamed with happiness. Getting Levi to eat your favorite treat was quite accomplishment.

"Alright, you had your fun (first), now it's my turn," he said in an almost sultry tone. This made your face have a tint of pink, but you smiled and opened your mouth for him. He tore off another piece of the dessert and plopped it in your mouth. You started munching away, making noises of approval and tastiness. Levi's mouth moved into a slight smirk, as he leaned forward to your face, making your body heat up. 

"Tch. How filthy. You got crumbs everywhere." And before you could respond, you felt soft kisses all around your mouth, picking up the loose crumbs that had fallen out of your mouth. You giggled softly, since Levi was never one for public affection. However, with no one watching in the café, he was more than willing to kiss that adorable face. 

"Hmm...I wonder if the dessert tastes any better after it's been in your mouth." And with one loving kiss on the lips, he boldly dove his tongue straight into your mouth, aggressively massaging you tongue with his. He did manage taste the delicious treat in your mouth as well, but nothing tasted quite as sweet as you. After kissing you like this for a minute or so, Levi pulled away, proud at how flustered he was able to get you. You couldn't even speak at this point, you were still in a trance. He chuckled at your current state, but became red as a cherry when he noticed a certain cashier had been shyly watching his encounter with you. She noticed he had found her out, and quickly turned away, pretending to be occupied with wiping down the counter.

"Tch. Idiot." He grumbled quietly, annoyed his affections had been seen. He shook the thoughts away with another sip of tea. 

You had noticed his embarrassed state, and poked Levi gently in his side. 

"Hn? What's that for?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering...why do you always get embarrassed when people see us...ya know..." He noticed you were biting your lip after you spoke, and he had to resist the urge to kiss you again. 

"Look, it's not that I'm embarrassed about you or anything. Quite the opposite actually. To be honest, I don't wanna make you feel like some object I carry around to show off to people. Kissing and all that shit isn't something I take lightly, so it's kinda of a quality versus quantity thing. I'd rather be able to give you real intimacy when were alone than a lot of empty kisses in front of fucking perverted strangers. Plus it's kinda creepy knowing that people are watching you suck faces." He paused, finishing up his bagel, and took another sip of his tea. "So that's why I'm not huge on public intimacy. But there's will be one exception on this rule."

"Hm? What's the exception?"

"Our wedding day. ...I promise I won't hold back on anything that day. We only get to have one wedding, and I don't want any shitty regrets. I'm going to make you feel like a princess that day. I want it to be the best day of our damn lives."

You had no words. This stoic, cleaning obsessed manic, wanted to make you feel like a princess? You wanted to cry tears of joy, but held them back so they wouldn't worry Levi. You could feel your heart beat pounding against your chest, flustered at the words this man had left you with.

"Levi...that's so sweet. But, just so you make me feel like a princess everyday of my life. Even if that means were not making out in the streets." You replied angelically.

"I do? Even when I make you clean the bathrooms at home?"

"Even when you make me clean the bathrooms at home. As much as I love the affection and all, nothing could be better than just sitting next to you, having our tea talk."

He gave you a small, slight smile. His gray irises looking into your dreamy (eye color) ones. You felt it again, that warm, soft feeling in your chest. Levi could feel it too, although he'd never admit it. Nothing could ever compare to the joy you two felt in the presence of each other. Through thick in thin, you knew you two would always be together. And all it took you to remember this was a little tea talk with Levi. 

"I love you Levi."

"I love you too brat."

"So at our wedding, can I get revenge on you by shoving the cake in your face?"

"Woman, are you asking for a death wish?"

So...I added another part to this storyline! I hope you like it!

While this isn't exactly a "series" I do have other parts to this story line
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I do not own Snk
I do not own the image
I do not own Levi
Levi owns you! Levidoingthething 

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