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(Just listen to the song: [x])

A long chapter of your life was about to come to a close, opening a door to the unknown. It had been seven long years of being with your high school sweet heart, your fiancé. But after you caught him cheating, it broke you in places you didn't know you could shattered. It was here, in your house, in your bed. You thought he would keep the promise you both made back when you were just juniors in high school. You thought your wedding night would be the one where you both would give each other that precious gift of virginity. You thought he was an honest man. How people change though. He wanted you to stay, and to be honest you wanted to stay as well. He was your normal, and had been for many years. However, a deep disdain for him swelled up inside you, making it hard to even look at the man. Translating such feelings though wasn't easy, so you both were currently taking a break, giving you time to make your decision.

    About two weeks later, to help forget about things, you did what most 24 year olds did. You went down to a bar to get helplessly drunk. Your engagement ring was off for the night, not wanting to think about that sinner that had broken your heart. The dimly lit tavern created the perfect atmosphere to drink and forget, so you took a seat next to an ebony haired man with an undercut. A bar tender with blue-green eyes and chocolatey locks moved in front of you, cleaning off a glass on this oddly slow Friday night. Then again, this wasn't that crazy rave themes nightclub down the street where all the younger adults seemed to go to.

    "Are you having anything tonight miss?"

    "What's the strongest thing you got?"

    "Bacardi 151."

    "Give me a shot."

With a faint smile, the bartender nodded at you, grabbing a shot glass along with the heavy alcohol. As he poured the amber liquid into the empty glass, a voice spoke up, startling you in the process.

    "Hey Jaeger, put her drink in my tab."

    "Sure thing Levi!"

    Your eyes glanced to your left, expecting to see some ugly creep. But when you got a better look of this stranger, it nearly made you melt internally. He was gorgeous, his pale skin and gray eyes matching the sharp contours of his face perfectly. Damn, this guy wanted to buy you a drink? Maybe you were finally getting a break from your past two shitty weeks.

    "...Thank you," you said kindly, smiling at as your face rested into the palm of your hand.

    "Don't mention it. Sounds like you've had a rough day."

The bartender slid you your drink, catching it with your free hand skillfully.

    "...More like a rough few weeks"

    As you downed the drink, this man "Levi" turned to face you, looking down at you as you threw back the shot like a pro. He thanked whoever was up in the clouds for bringing a girl like you in today, most of the women that came in were ditzy girls that could hardly handle a winearita, let alone hard liqueur like Bacardi 151. He was oddly attracted to the sight, especially since you were easy on the eyes yourself. He'd been here several nights in a row now, and you were a great change of face.

    "Wanna talk about it? Nothing feels better than a few rounds and spilling all your fucking troubles out to compete strangers, right?"

    "True. It's...I guess it's not the worst thing in the world but, it still hurts really bad. I caught dick of a fiancé cheating on me."

    "Tch, what an idiot. Throwing something away like that takes to true fuckhat to accomplish. ...If you don't mind me asking, how long were you two together?"

    Feeling a buzz coming on, your hands played with the loose strands of hair in your face, brushing then back where they belonged. Your eyes looked at the many bottles of alcohol on the wall, sure to tell many secrets and stories of the past they've heard. Now your story was one of them, and you didn't give a damn that they were hearing.

    "Seven years. We started dating when we were juniors in high school. But...I don't know. I want to just leave him, but I still find it hard to picture my life without him. It's just...I don't know if I even love him anymore. ...Sorry for ranting"

    The man took a sip of his dry whiskey, undoubtedly burning his throat in the process. He looked like he was trying to collect his words, but with his demeanor, you weren't entirely sure. Obviously, he had been drinking here for awhile, but he must know how to handle his alcohol pretty well. 

    "It's fine. To be honest, it's nice to hear someone going through the same shit as me. My wife and I got in a huge fight a few days ago, and I've been staying in a hotel ever since. She got knocked up but some disgusting fucker, and I knew it wasn't me because I hadn't fucked her for several months. I just didn't feel the same way I used to about her, still don't to this day."

Noticing your shot had been refilled, you let the toxic liquid slide down your throat, sure to get you feeling good even quicker.

    "What made you not feel attracted to her anymore?"

    "It was a lot of things, mostly, she just didn't do anything. She was unemployed, didn't have any hobbies, didn't talk very often to friends, the only thing she wanted to talk about was me all the damn time. And she couldn't clean the house right either. That really bugged me. She use to have character and a life outside me, but not after she said 'I do'. When she 'devoted her life' to me, she really meant it."

    "Damn...well, I wouldn't sweat about it Levi. You're an attractive guy, just forget about her and find someone els-"

    "What's your name?" he cut you off.

Ah, that's right, even after you had practically spilled your life story to this guy you still hadn't even told him your name.

    "It's (first)." You spoke warmly, smiling like a goof due to the hazy feeling in your brain.

    "Do you think I'm attractive (first)?"

    At that moment, you both looked deeply into each others eyes, both sets of cheeks slightly painted pink. All sorts of emotions and feelings spiraled around inside you. What was this...infatuation? Mystery? Maybe you were just horny, and this guy was causing sexual tension.


    "...Let's get out of here, what do you say?"

And with one nod, you made the best decision of your young life.

    As soon as you arrived at his hotel room, you were pushed up against the wall longingly, liquored-up mouths sensually moving against each other. Even with the alcohol you had both drank, you weren't drunk on alcohol. No, you were both intoxicated by want, pressing your bodies against one another. He wanted to forget about his wife tonight, and you wanted help moving on with your fiancé. Everything about this seemed wrong, and it even went against the values you once held dear to your heart. But that promise was already broken now, and it was your turn to finally feel loved.

    The clothes flew off one by one as Levi touched you, pleased you in all sorts of ways you didn't know were fathomable. Every inch of you was worshiped by the man, every nook and cranny that existed was given proper attention. This man made you feel more happiness that night than you had ever felt in your entire lifetime, and the world just seemed blissful in his arms. He showed you true ecstasy, giving to you what he didn't give his wife. He treasured you, like your fiancé had treasured someone else. You both were now engaging in the illicit sin that broke both of your hearts, but it never felt wrong to either of you. Never for a minute. The feeling of him being inside you made your heart crave his presence, wanting him more and more with each buck of his hips. You had given him your special gift of virginity, and as he kissed you one last time that night, you knew he would hold it close to his heart.

    Morning came, and you woke up feeling more fresh and alive than you ever had. Your thoughts were finally all clear, ready for this new day. Levi had finished taking a shower not to long ago and was currently making you both tea, much to your pleasure. You both had a bit of a hangover, and the warm liquid was sure to help ease the dull headache. You didn't even notice that little ache to be honest, you had finally been freed of your emotional pain, and you were fianlly able to face the day. As you and Levi were about to leave though, you lightly stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. You somehow knew to speak to him, one last time.

    "Hey Levi?"

    "Hn? What is it brat?"

    "...Will I ever see you again?"

His gaze in you was heavy, want and attachment present in his eyes. This wasn't going to be easy for him, but he knew it would be best for the both of you.

    "(First), I have a shitty mess I need to clean up, and you do too. We have to face the consequences of our actions last night, even if the end result is a reward rather than a consequence. I need to get through a divorce with Petra, and you need to break things off Jean. As fucking terrifying as it may be, we need to tell them what we did last night so we can have a new start. ...And when we both get there, give me a call alright? I do wish to see you sometime soon."

You couldn't hide your disappointment, even if you knew every word he said was right. You had both moved on, but that didn't mean you could just go live some fairy tale now and leave your ex-lovers in the dark about it. You were, above their level after all.

As your hand clutched to your briefcase, a thought never crossed your mind about the trial you were about to do. 

    "Right...I understand. Thank you Levi, for everything."

Chapped lips moved in, giving your cheek a soft, tender kiss.

    "...I'll be seeing you (first). Take care."

    "You too."

As you walked to work on this cold winter day, your heart was finally at peace because of Levi,
anxiously awaiting to start part two. 
Soo.....I just liked the song and came up with this. Whoops.
Hope you liked this!

Note: This is a one-shot. There will not be a sequel

Dedicated to :heart::iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk because her stories kind of inspired me to write something like this!

I do not own Snk
I do not own the image
I do not own Levi
Levi owns you!Levidoingthething

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Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] You should have prepared your ovaries!
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Yeah Jean and Petra need to go back to their home on whore island!!!!!!!!

And I'm so happy you liked it!!! :D
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